Documentary on how creative arts benefits people with Alzheimer’s screens in Toronto, Canada on March 29, 2019

Date: Friday, March 29,  2019
Time: 7pm  Where:  Aga Khan Museum,  77 Wynford Drive, Toronto.

Join us for a documentary exploring the many benefits of the creative arts for those living with Alzheimer’s. I Remember Better When I Paint tells the story of Hilgos, an American painter in her nineties living with dementia, who undergoes a remarkable change when she starts painting again.

Featuring interviews with leading Alzheimer’s specialists, the film shows how creative therapies can bypass damaged parts of the brain. Yasmin Aga Khan, president of Alzheimer’s Disease International and daughter of Rita Hayworth who suffered from the disease, also shares her story.

This screening is part of the Aga Khan Museum’s Minding Memory: Alzheimer’s and the Arts programming. Today fifty million people around the world suffer from dementia, a number which is expected to reach 75 million by 2030, according to Alzheimer’s Disease International. The Aga Khan Museum is committed to furthering the conversation on how those affected, and their caregivers, can benefit from the power of art.

Following the screening is a panel discussion.

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