Panel discussion: Story-Telling for Social Change, April 15, 2015 in Washington, DC

What: Panel discussion on Story-Telling for Social Change
When: Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 6:30pm
Where: George Washington University
School of Media and Public Affairs
805 21st Street NW
5th Floor Studio
Washington, DC

At this special event, a diverse panel will investigate the exciting media options non-fiction storytellers employ in today’s digital and the social media era. From theater to cell phone documentary to hashtag activism, storytelling platforms can combine to change minds and inspire action. The event will kick-off with a brief performance from the live stage play “YoungGiftedandFat” by Dr. Sharrell Luckett and proceed to a panel discussion of both traditional and cutting-edge storytelling. A brief reception will follow the discussion.

Berna Huebner is President and Founder of the Hilgos Foundation in Chicago, Illinois, which supports and encourages the ongoing process of artistic creation with people with memory impairment. She is the Co-Director of “I Remember Better When I Paint,” a documentary and editor of a book by the same name. She is Director of the Center for the Study of International Communications in Paris, France.

Dr. Luckett is an acclaimed and accomplished writer/actor/director who is also tenure-track faculty at California State University (Dominguez Hills). Luckett has produced a unique type of documentary film that explores how the making of the play unexpectedly imploded larger issues of society, sex, and self-image, and laying the groundwork for debates about the medicalization of modern-day obesity.

William Youmans is an Assistant Professor at the School of Media and Public Affairs. Broadly interested in questions of transnationalism and news media in conflict, his primary research interests include global news media, journalism, media law, and social movements. Other areas of interest include contemporary American public diplomacy and international broadcasting.

Kerric Harvey (Moderator) is an associate professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs. She is also a working playwright and multimedia producer who explores intercultural conflict in a wide variety of periods and places, including real-world, online and social media landscapes. She writes about the media arts and cultural archetype in the public imagination, the anthropological effects of new media technologies, digital storytelling, and the relationship between new media narratives and political identity. Active in Canada’s Center for Imaginative Ethnography, the U.S. National Press Club, and the Dramatists Guild of America, Dr. Harvey is also a Visiting Researcher at Oxford University under the sponsorship of the Oxford Internet Institute and a Fellow of London’s Royal Anthropological Institute. An award-winning professor at GW since 1990, she is also the General Editor of sage Publications celebrated three volume “Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics,” published in 2014.

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