Millennials raising Alzheimer’s awareness though music

In honor of World Alzheimer’s Month, the Minnesota-based band Electric String Quartet (ESQ), is releasing a DVD “The Vertical Horizon”, a conceptual album to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.

This group, made up of a quartet of young millennials, has created an album that represents what it could feel like to have memory impairment such as Alzheimer’s, moving from beautiful pop-rock ballads to darker rock tones and confusing cacophony from beginning to end. This live album was produced thanks to a grant from The Cedar Cultural Center.

In the last ten years, patients with Alzheimer’s have increased dramatically and it is projected about 65.7 million people will be affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s by 2030.

One of the band members, 21-year-old David Sutton, was inspired to do this project in honor of his grandmother who has been afflicted with dementia.

“I wrote the music for my grandmother so that we could feel what people with dementia are going through and to better understand the disease that plagues our loved ones,” says David. “It is vital for young people to get educated on Alzheimer’s. I’ll continue to do all I can to raise awareness of this disease, in particular among my peer group.”

Art and music have been proven time and again to help slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s, and ESQ wishes to use their DVD to raise awareness of the importance of creative arts in dementia care. The album design includes artwork by Hilgos, an artist who had Alzheimer’s. The Hilgos Foundation, a Chicago based Alzheimer’s organization, was established in her honor to promote the power of art for people who have memory impairment.

ESQ is releasing the DVD online and 50 limited edition physical copies of the DVD are available, with all sales proceeds going to the Hilgos Foundation for use in their dementia programs to help those with memory impairment through artistic creation.

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