Screening on December 6 in Salt Lake City, Utah

I Remember Better When I Paint will be shown at the SLC Film Center, 122 S. Main St., Salt Lake City, UT, on December 6 at 7 pm.
This film features a poignant interview with the evening’s guest of honor, Yasmin Aga Kahn, whose mother, Rita Hayworth, found refuge in painting as an individual with early onset Alzheimer’s.
Following the screening, a panel that includes co-director Berna Huebner, Dr. Richard D. King, (Director, Alzheimer’s Image Analysis Laboratory Center for Alzheimer’s Care, Imaging and Research, Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Utah), and Kathryn Romney will discuss the impact of art therapy on the patient and loved ones. They will discuss how creative activities engage areas of the brain that are not damaged by the disease and how these activities reawaken a sense of personality, identity and dignity. For more information, click here

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